Danny's Radiator was founded in 1954 by Daniel H. Wolfe. At the beginning, it included Radiator and Hydraulic
Jack Repair. As the technology of Automobiles advanced, Danny's discontinued the Jack Repair services and
pioneered the popular demand for Auto Air Conditioning Services.
To this day, Danny's Radiator remains a family business, owned and operated by Dan and Dave Wolfe.

To better explain the true history behind Danny's Radiator, there's no better words than that of the founder, and
our father, Danny Wolfe:

"Prior to opening our radiator shop, I had worked for Rufus Mason, on Norwood Blvd., Hubbard Garage on 8th
Street, and Mellor Radiator on Wayne Ave. Working at these other businesses helped me obtain the experience
in getting my own business started. During this time (1947) Elenanor Watton and I were married. My desire for
starting my own shop increased as my family grew with sons Dan, Dave, Don, and Steve.
In 1953 we started our business Danny's Radiator Service at 946 Marietta Street, Zanesville, Ohio in the old
Bohn Brewery building. After installing the test tubs and the compressors, we were ready to open for business.
Bill Lipp, the owner of the Texaco station on Linded Ave. was my first customer. Our first employee was John
Abers. We added to our service hydraulic jack repair.
Antique radiators of today were our everyday repair job then. New radiators were not available for every car, so
we repaired every leaking radiator the best we could.
In 1958 we bought the corner lot from Mrs. Slack, and built the building for the new Danny's Radiator Service at
702 Marietta Street. Russell Wilson and Walter Agin were included as early employees. Russell worked for us
for about 16 years.
In 1958 air conditioning was beginning to be popular for automobiles so we dropped the hydraulic jack repair to
take on air conditioning service. We installed AC on the automobiles that didn't have it, and repaired the AC on
the automobiles that had it.
In 1963, we added a car port onto the shop. Kurt Dittmar helped up on this project. We bought the house next
door from Grace Ferguson, and had it torn down in 1968 to add a parking lot for the radiator shop. Then, a
building behind the shop was added and built for storage by Bob Wills with the Finlaw Lumber Company.
All of our four sons have worked in our radiator shop.
Danny's Radiator 1964
Danny's Radiator
Today -2009
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"At the present time, our two oldest sons, Dan and Dave, are employed with us. Dan has worked with us for 38
years. They are taking on the responsibilities of running the business. Don and Steve are still following this
trade with their own businesses. Through the years the radiator industry has changed from working on brass and
copper radiators to radiators with plastic tanks and aluminum cores. Also, we repair AC rather than install air
Our shop is located on a busy intersection. With the creation of the freeway in the 1960's, many gas stations in
the city were gone. We would get many motorists stopping in to ask where they could get fas for their car. We
still get individuals stopping by for directions. We have repaired radiators of all sizes, from coal mining drag
equipment to a small heater core from automobiles. After 51 years I am still active in the business and work
everyday and I am very grateful to be able to. We are proud to be part of the community, and our goal is to
continue to have satisfied customers
." - By Danny H. Wolfe